DIOCESE OF ORANGE PRESENTER'S CLEARANCE PROCESS (lay, religious or deacon presenters)

Because it is the Bishop’s duty: “to see to it that the lay Christian faithful are instructed in the truths of the faith” (canon 528) we provide the following guidelines for presenters coming into the Diocese of Orange:

  1. Subject matter needs to be in accord with Church teachings
  2. Subject matter contrary to Church teaching is not acceptable
  3. Subject matter in the category of personal opinion contrary to Church teaching is not acceptable
  4. Subject matter in the category of theological exploration not yet sanctioned by the Church is not acceptable


Furthermore, in the spirit of our responsibility of serving the faithful and due to the increasing demand for speakers/preachers from outside of our diocese, we have established these Diocesan Directives. These Directives serve as a process of screening speakers and assist our Pastors in their pastoral decisions of who to invite to speak at their parish. The purpose of these directives is to enable us to screen speakers(preachers) that will provide well-grounded Catholic teachings to our faithful. These directives outline the process for approving speakers.

For more information about presenters in the Diocese of Orange please email us at: presenters@rcbo.org

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